Catallarchy\'s College Football Top 25 - Week 2

For all games up to 9/10, here are the updated rankings:

Rank Team (Previous)
1 Texas (1)
2 Colorado (6)
3 USC (2)
4 VaTech (3)
5 WVU (8)
6 Cal (10)
7 Louisville (4)
8 Wisconsin (9)
9 Tennessee (7)
10 Oklahoma St. (11)
11 Georgia (12)
12 LSU (36)
13 Texas Tech (38)
14 Utah (22)
15 Virginia (13)
16 Florida State (14)
17 U Conn (17)
18 Purdue (39)
19 Northwestern (20)
20 Oklahoma (37)
21 Clemson (19)
22 Nebraska (21)
23 Georgia Tech (23)
24 Auburn (41)
25 UCLA (27)

Dropped Out:

26 Michigan State (24)
27 Alabama (25)
33 Az. State (18)
34 Michigan (15)
35 Ohio State (16)

Other Catallarchy Teams:
85 Kentucky (94)
116 Western Michigan (116)

And a shout out to my homies at the Miami(OH) Econ program:
80 Miami (OH) (77)

Commentary below, and full rankings on page 2.

Great games this past weekend. Michigan definitely was overrated by the AP, though my poll had them correctly ranked before the loss and then as usual harsh afterwards. As someone said, Michigan has declined to play defense since 1997, so there was really no justification for that #3 ranking. Come on, people. Codify your biases and stick by them, like me. :grin: Texas has earned the top spot position in a tough battle with OSU. I stand by my "no USC at #1" ranking because even subjectively I think it's unjustified to put USC at #1. They're facing a softball schedule both out of conference and in the PAC 10, with maybe, maybe a test at ND. That's it, people. Knowing this ahead of time and giving them the #1 anyway is corrupt, since everyone knows the most time honored bias of the writers is that nobody in the top 5 drops for anything other than losing. Even if you stink up the joint against mediocre competition, or simply glide over them, you stay #1. The coaches share this bias and so we've got essentially a free pass for USC to the Mythical National Championship game. Not cool.

Rant aside, the poll is firming up though the whipsaw swings ala Oklahoma are still going on. Michigan State and Alabama dropped due to conference variance, they should pop up in no time if they continue to win. The improbables (as in, probably not in tune with reality) on my top 25 are Colorado, WVU, Louisville, Texas Tech, and Northwestern. I can't explain why my computer loves the Mountaineers so much. (note to self- cook books better in next year's preaseason.) And woot! To my poll nailing VT's consensus position amongst the human pollers. :beatnik:

Full Rankings:

Rank	Team
1	Texas
2	Colorado
4	VaTech
6	Cal
7	Louisville
8	Wisconsin
9	Tennessee
10	Oklahoma St.
11	Georgia
12	LSU
13	Texas Tech
14	Utah  
15	Virginia
16	Florida State
17	U Conn
18	Purdue
19	Northwestern
20	Oklahoma
21	Clemson
22	Nebraska
23	Georgia Tech
24	Auburn
26	Michigan State
27	Alabama
28	Iowa
29	Minnesota
30	Toledo
31	Iowa State
32	Boston College
33	Az. State
34	Michigan
35	Ohio State
36	Florida  
37	New Mexico
38	Oregon
39	North Texas
40	Syracuse
41	South Carolina
42	Cincinnati
43	Miami
44	Stanford
45	Texas A&M
46	Washington State
47	Arkansas
48	Ole Miss
49	Kansas  
50	Oregon State
51	Fresno State
53	Penn State
54	Kansas State
55	Illinois
56	Missouri
57	Maryland
58	Baylor
59	Air Force
60	Indiana
61	Bowling Green
62	Pitt
63	Rutgers
64	UNC
65	Notre Dame
66	Wyoming
67	South Florida
68	Vanderbilt
69	Boise St.
70	UAB
71	Troy State
72	NC State
73	BYU
74	Navy
75	Marshall
76	SMU
77	Memphis
78	Northern Illinois
79	Kent State
80	Miami (OH)
81	La Tech
82	Arizona
83	TCU
84	Mississippi State
85	Kentucky
86	Nevada
87	Akron
88	Ohio  
89	ECU
90	Southern Miss
91	Tulane
92	Wake Forest
93	Hawaii
94	Central Michigan
95	Eastern Michigan
96	Middle TN State
98	Houston
99	Arkansas State
100	Colorado State
101	La Monroe
102	Duke
103	San Jose State
104	San Diego State
105	New Mexico State
106	Tulsa
107	Rice
108	Utah State
109	Washington  
110	La Lafayette
111	Army
112	Idaho
113	UCF
114	Ball State
115	Buffalo
116	Western Michigan
117	Temple
118	Fla Intl
119	Fla Atlantic
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Who does Notre Dame have to

Who does Notre Dame have to go down on to make it into your top 25?

Louisville may be improbable

Louisville may be improbable in that they really aren't the 7th best team. But, they're loaded on offense, competent on defense, have a easy Big East schedule, and will be in the BCS mix based on those circumstances alone. Fair or not, they will be a factor.

My poor Broncos. Is it

My poor Broncos.

Is it basketball season yet? :oops:

Everyone needs a Luca Brasi.

Everyone needs a Luca Brasi.

Brian, Don't worry about


Don't worry about Colorado being so high in your poll. As a Buff fan, I am fairly confident that they will be depantsed by Miami after their bye week this week.

Luca: I never read the credits, but isn't it Lou Cabrasi? Luca was just some kid who lived on the second floor.

Patinator, I'm pretty sure


I'm pretty sure its Luca Brasi.



Doesn't Notre Dame have the

Doesn't Notre Dame have the toughest schedule in the nation? At least that is what I've been hearing.

Brian, I agree that WVU is


I agree that WVU is actually the harder test, despite being much weaker than GT. For some reason or other, Tech always seems to have difficulty with WVU. They handle good-to-very good Miami teams with ease and then lose to mediocre-to-decent WVU teams. It was rather nice last year with the shoe on the other foot, blowing the season for a WVU team expected to run the table. Perhaps with a weak Marshall at home the following week (rather than a visit from Miami), Tech will be less likely to look past WVU. Maybe that'll even put the Mountaineers back into the 50 or so range where they probably belong.

Jonathan- I agree that GT


I agree that GT will be difficult, but I think WVU is the bigger killer on the sched. Not because they're great or even all that good, but because they're dirty (in the literal and figurative sense) and highly motivated. That game depends on whether VT is ready to stand up after the punch and then go with focused fury to destroy them. Absent that focus, WVU could derail the whole works, just like in '03 when a thoroughly mediocre WVU team smacked VT around and destroyed the season (right about the same time, too). And its in Morganhole.

GT is, as you noted, at Tech. Playing at The Rock/Terrorbowl will be a major plus for VT. Thats worth a touchdown at least.

Doug- They'll beat someone


They'll beat someone this year, right? Probably just bad timing for the first 2 games.

Luca, Bwahahahaha


Bwahahahaha :twisted:

Since a good portion of the rankings revolves around conference strength, and ND is independent, they get lumped in with the other 3 IA independents- Army, Navy, and (shudder) Temple. Three of the worst teams in Div 1-A. Now, part of that is serendipitous design given that I thought ND gets too much fellation by the national press *anyway*, thus ND will always get massive negative pts as a stone around its neck due to its independence. I think ND should have folded into its natural conference, the Big 10, years ago, and I don't like that ND gets its own network deal & such favorable treatment (such as free riding on the Big East's rapidly diminishing bowl selections). Not that my poll will have anything to do with it, but whatever amount of misery and pain it takes to get ND to fold into a conference is A-OK by me, especially since their "national" schedule is getting weaker and weaker every year. THey could easily keep USC as a yearly rival game within the structure of the Big 10's rotation, and play BC, etc. Here's a team that can pretty much dictate an awesome OOC schedule against quality opponents nationwide AND benefit from a conference (bowls, revenue sharing) that is geographically evenly spread in an orbit around it, making travel easy and forming natural regional rivalries, too, elevating everyone's boat. That they're too greedy to do so reflects poorly on them and its why I don't care too much to fix the anti-ND bias inherent in my poll.

I will say, though, that by the end of the season if ND is 10-2 or better they will most likely be in the top 25, because the poll ultimately rewards wins on the field. They won't sniff the top 10 being an independent, though, absent multiple miracle seasons amongst the other 3 indies.

Ryan- Why, because of SOS


Why, because of SOS considerations? Granted, Louisville needs all the help it can get in the field of public perception to get close to the big game. OTOH All you have to do is win the BE to get into a BCS game, so for that score its OK. I think Louisville at best had a very very outside shot at the MNC, if that's what you're thinking. The B12, B10, SEC, and ACC have far too many contenders to sort through before Louisville would pop in there, though I suppose ala VT in '99 everyone could have beat each other to give the opening.

Oh yeah, pardon me for being

Oh yeah, pardon me for being a fanboy but.... GO CARDS.

Pitt has ruined any possible

Pitt has ruined any possible shot of Louisville even maybe getting a shot at the Rose Bowl this year. You have no idea how much hype there was in this city. Anyway, they've only played one game. Hopefully, we'll come out and kick some serious ass.

I'd say Georgia Tech is the

I'd say Georgia Tech is the most dangerous team in the country right now. They're probably under-ranked at #23 in your poll. I think that game will decide the fate of the VT season more than any other. Luckily, we got 'em at home in a semi-night game (3:30 start).