Generous Sinners

Ah, the brave new libertarian world. With the legalized drugs, gambling, and prostitution, surely it's a world of sinners, a heartless world, a Vegas atmosphere with all recreation and no responsibility. Corporations are so unfeeling, not like government. And without forced charity, funelled through the benevolent welfare state, who would give?

If a disaster happens, those in charge of safeguarding the public health would surely be much more effective at helping people than a bunch of sinners. Right?

Or not:

houston astrodome prepared for refugees
Houston Astrodome prepared for refugees

Gambling firms take the lead in helping out

Online gambling businesses in Costa Rica are taking the lead to provide aid to hurricane victims in the United States.

Robert Evans of in Rohrmoser just returned from delivering two truckloads of water, food and necessities to refugees stranded at the Houston Astrodome. He said he managed to do in 12 hours what disasters agencies seemed to be unable to accomplish., a sportsbook based in San José, also is joining the steady contingent of private organizations in Costa Rica that are donating to relief efforts. The firm gave $20,000 to officials in New Orleans.

In addition, this morning a Hummer loaded with the supplies will join a 20-truck convoy headed towards emergency shelters in New Orleans where the items will go to whomever needs them, said Marshall Williams, a spokesman for

Evans of already is back from his trip to the disaster area. He left at 7 a.m. Saturday. By 2 p.m. he was arriving with two tractor trailers at the Astrodome parking area.

"We were the only company that as of Saturday delivered the amount of supplies we did directly to those people who needed it," said Evans. "While of course many U.S. companies donated millions of dollars, I can tell you it is not what the people need right now . . . . They need food and water, and blankets."

Evans said he hired the trucks in Nashville, Tenn. over the telephone and directed them to make a pickup at COSTCO in Dallas, Texas.

"While I did not see the destruction, devastation or death in New Orleans directly, I was allowed to enter the Astrodome itself . . . where 20,000 plus people displaced from New Orleans and Mississippi were transported to," said Evans. "What I did witness was the largest room in the world maybe . . . filled with crying and sadness. It was an emotional experience I will never forget."

Evans said he was sensitive to the plight of those in New Orleans because his firm sponsors a music festival there and has many friends. The company is setting up an airlift of Costa Rican fruit, including bananas, via DHL, Evans said.
[AM Costa Rica]

While there is clearly an element of "hometown pride" biasing this Costa Rican story, the generous actions of these internet (gambling) entrepreneurs speak for themselves.

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