Yet Another Charity Worth Your Attention

I've given several times in the past to Modest Needs. They specialize in making small, one-time donations to people for the sorts of things that can make the difference between struggling at the edge of poverty and falling over it-- car and home repairs, job interview clothing, utility bill payments, that sort of thing. They're clever and innovative and take private funds only; they exemplify the best of American civil society. Radley Balko has written about them before.

Now, thoughtful as ever, they have a campaign on to help the folks who are taking refugees from Hurricane Katrina into their homes. As the donation appeal says, this is a niche that most of the larger agencies, like the Red Cross, probably won't fill; but it's squarely in the tradition of Modest Needs' work. If you still have donation monies to spare, give them a look.

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