Gouging games II

Here's a less-stark scenario. Stop me when someone has dones something wrong.

Mike is running late for his girlfriend's surprise birthday party. He ran into some traffic, and soon realizes that he needs to fill-up his car if he expects to get there at all. He pulls up to his favorite gas station to find that it's closed - very early, in fact. He sees the manager inside, so runs in to ask him why it's closed so early.

"No gas.", he says.

"No gas?" Mike asks. "What happened?"

"Well, a hurricane hit ______, jeopardizing the supply chain, and everyone came out in droves to fill-up before the prices rose."

"And you ran out of gas?"

"Well, sort of. I realized that people were hysterical. People were coming here to get gas even when their tanks weren't close to empty. A few guys even came here twice to fill up both of their cars. The hospital is just down the block. I figured if things keep up at this rate, there might not be any gas to fill-up the ambulances if they need to. I closed early to conserve gas in case there's a shortage. Besides, the people were starting fights trying to cut in front of each other. I was afraid one of them was going to pull a gun on me for gas. I finally decided to turn off the pumps and tell everyone we were out of gas."

"So you do have gas?"

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