Woe is me

With each natural disaster comes the inevitable call for protection from price gouging - for gas, food, whatever. I won't go into why such protections are naive and counter-productive this time - others can do a better job at that. I just wonder why in the midst of this housing boom no one has thought to protect me from the actions of the house gougers - those people who buy a house one day, and manage to charge an exorbitantly higher price for it mere months later. They do it because they know they can get away with it. In many cases they don't bother to do much more than paint it. Clearly they're acting out of greed. Why is no one doing anything to protect me from them?

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Careful what you wish for. I

Careful what you wish for. I remember defenders of the tobacco industry pointing out that we don't sue McDonald's for selling unhealthy food. Sadly, the prospect of doing just that seems to be somewhat less absurd now than it did when the point was first made.

Sadly true.

Sadly true.

We're living in

We're living in Post-Reductio America.