Today I ate lunch at a popular Atlanta place for people who don't want to spend a lot of money on food. The manager noticed my Che Mickey Mouse t-shirt (available from Bureaucrash here1) and asked: is that Che with Mickey Mouse ears? I said yes, it is. He said "Isn't that sacrilegious?" I said "Exactly."

I make a habit of not getting into unpleasant discussions of people I'm buying food from, so it ended there. I wish I'd had time to mention to him that it's not really sacrilegious if what's 'sacred' to you is listening to rock & roll, or being black in Cuba, or controlling your own destiny. It is if you're into tyranny, murder, communism (but I repeat myself), or being too fucking ignorant to know that your idol is a tyrant and a murderer.

After I left I started thinking that one of the many ideological fronts that libertarianism needs to fight on is the Che front. Bureaucrash is doing their part, and I hope my May Day post about Che has some value for this purpose as well. But this is just the beginning. Until Che stops meaning heroic resistance fighter and starts meaning evil murdering tyrant in the popular imagination, we shouldn't rest. The perverting of history by statists is a formidable obstacle to liberty in the world.

fn1. Please have a look around and consider making a purchase at this kickass site. Bureaucrash is in the vanguard of the peaceful libertarian revolution.

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Amen, bruddah. I'm

Amen, bruddah. I'm collecting articles on Che on my site (will get around to mirroring them real soon now), so if you have any other links that should be added let me know. I'm also going to get one of those T-shirts soon.

Maybe he meant a sacrilege

Maybe he meant a sacrilege against Mickey.

"Sacrilegious"? Maybe the

"Sacrilegious"? Maybe the person you were talking to thought that it was a picture of Jesus with mouse ears - they're both kinda scruffy-lookin'. Depends, what popular Atlanta place were you in at the time?

The manager noticed my Che

The manager noticed my Che Mickey Mouse t-shirt (available from Bureaucrash here1) and asked: is that Che with Mickey Mouse ears? I said yes, it is. He said “Isn’t that sacrilegious?” I said “Exactly.”

Rothbard was rather

Rothbard was rather favourably disposed to Che Guevara back in the day:


Should that be surprising?

Should that be surprising?

RTL: I could understand


I could understand Rothbard's enthusiasm for Che by saying it was part of his attempt to reach out to the New Left. I could understand it by guessing that nobody outside of Cuba new about Che's atrocities yet. Or I could say that Rothbard was just plain mixed up. Who knows for sure?

You don't argue with food

You don't argue with food service people? What, you don't like spit?

And I opted for the much less subtle "Communism Kills" Che shirt.

I recently had an experience

I recently had an experience on my second day of my Foreign Government class. Teacher's Pet was wearing a Che shirt, and when I walked into class there was already a brisk little discussion going on between him and the Prof. The teacher is from Argentina, as was Che, and considered him a hero. After one of them had brought up the Motorcycle Diaries I chimed in, "I didn't know he was such a sweetheart. I guess he wasn't really an authoritarian murderer" with a heavy tone of sarcasm. Teach says "No, that's a CIA myth". Like a dope I left it at that, knowing full well that I could have spat the testimonies of Luis Ortega, Daniel James and the musician Paquito D'Rivera. I guess I didn't want to put my grade in jeapordy..