Build It with Public Funds, and They Will Come

From the Associated Press:

Progress has been made under Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe. Since 2001, the city has refurbished 1,000 buildings deemed unsanitary, bought more than 27 budget hotels to serve as low-income lodging and built 15,000 public-housing units.

But the demand is enormous. France is the world's leading destination for asylum seekers, with some 65,600 requests in 2004, according to the government.

In Paris, there are more than 100,000 outstanding requests for public-housing apartments.

(bold mine)

"But"? I think a more appropriate word here would be "therefore". With 'free' housing, as well as other social programs, being built at such a rapid clip all on someone else's euro, of course there will be this explosive demand.

(I should note that this isn't to minimalize or make light of the tragic fire that took the lives of 17 immigrants in a poorly-built public housing facility, the root of the linked article).

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Hmmm. I think I'd like an

Hmmm. I think I'd like an apartment in Paris. My grandma was french, so I have the right of return, right? Of course, spending the spring in one of the Cites doesn't sound all that relaxing.

Everybody Wants a Free

Everybody Wants a Free Lunch
But of course. Why is it that most people who report on economic matters don't even have an elementary understanding