GOP\'s Dog Days of Summer

August hasn't been the kindest of times to Bush & Co.

It’s safe to say that the traveling Cindy Sheehan Show has been receiving nearly 'round-the-clock coverage as well as spawning new protests around the country. Pat Robertson's foreign policy 'suggestions' have embarrassed the White House in a guilty-by-association way. Oil prices are up and up and people are looking for someone to blame. And the Shiites are fighting in southern Iraq while the Constitution – holding on a delicate balance – is continually delayed.

Tough times to be a Bush Administration PR person.

(It should be noted, though, that bad news in Iraq is hardly bad news only for the Republican Party and its supporters. Setbacks are bad news for all, regardless of anyone's stance toward the war.)

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As I recall, the United

As I recall, the United States had some problems in that regard as well. Our first Constitution had to be replaced.

Those Shi'a clashes wouldn't

Those Shi'a clashes wouldn't be happening if the Coalition had shown some balls and killed or captured Sadr last year. This is what they get for using kid gloves on that thug.

The constitution I'm not overly worried about. Delays happen and it's important stuff, you can't really rush these things.

I am so pleased about Cindy!

I am so pleased about Cindy! I hope we (the US) get our asses kicked and we can return the true Iraq patriots (the so called "terrorists) to power.

Losing this war is the best thing for the liberty of Americans and Iraqis.