Oldies But Goodies

Two items that are now oldish-- by Internet standards-- but nonetheless well worth your time.

First, Jim Henley is in very fine form on lies and killing by the British state. The ending is a darn good candidate for Libertarianism In One Sentence:

They [the State] will always have powerful reasons to fail and powerful incentives to lie.

Second, via Gary Farber of Amygdala, this NYT piece on how Ethiopian restaurants have been cleaning up their sanitary practices in response to pressure from newspaper reviews. Note how nice a datum this makes against those who claim that, in the absence of the regulatory state, there would be no watchdogs to look out for our health!

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I have recently written a

I have recently written a blog entry on the topic of how society would function sans the regulating state apparatus.

See it here: Reducing Men into Beasts.