Walken-4-Prez a Hoax

Following up on the chatter regarding a website announcing Christopher Walken's plan to run for President in '08, the L.A. Times reported that it's a hoax today.

In fact, Mr. Walken is a rare Hollywood bird in that he seems quite apolitical:

Walken's agent, Toni Howard of International Creative Management, scoffed at the notion of Walken running for office.

"I don't know where they got it," Howard said. "That's like saying Tim Robbins is running on the Republican ticket. [Walken] is the least political guy I know."

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He played an unsavory

He played an unsavory smuggler in "Pulp Fiction."


I'd expect better from the LA Times (probably my first mistake). He played a POW who returned Butch's father's watch...

Sure, he had to smuggle it, and in an unsavory place, but I wouldn't be definition call his character an unsavory smuggler...

Good for him; my respect

Good for him; my respect shoots back up to its former position. If only more celebrities had that kind of sense...