Passing the Litmus Test

Islamic extremists set off bombs in Bangladesh. This comes less than a month after a similar terrorist attack in the Philippines.

Not entirely surprising, media coverage of these events has been relatively scant compared to similar attacks that have occurred in London, Madrid, and at a tourist resort frequented by Australians in Bali.

Generally, the most popular explanation offered up is that countries such as Bangladesh and the Philippines simply don’t have the same geopolitical 'importance' on the world stage as the UK, US, etc.

But perhaps there are additional explanations. Maybe there's less interest in a horrific terrorist attack in Bangladesh because it can't be conveniently blamed on the foreign policies of Bush/Blair. And, no matter how hard one might try, it's difficult to tie a makeshift bomb exploding on a busy Filipino street to an Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Doesn't the loss of innocent Filipino lives deserve the same emotional reaction as innocent American, English, or Australian lives? Does the jihadists' killing of innocents have to pass an “Iraq War Involvement” or “Israeli Connection” litmus test to warrant sufficient media coverage and global reaction?

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Dead brown people don't

Dead brown people don't bring in ratings.

Great post. The same goes

Great post. The same goes for non-gun violence in the United States. A man can drive his car into a playground or run around stabbing kids and he's lucky to be in the A section of the paper.

Few newspapers have foreign

Few newspapers have foreign correspondents anymore. Those who do have them in a handful of European capitals. And where people who write for newspapers or report news for broadcast media like to go has something to do with the coverage, too. There may not be much coverage of terrorist attacks in Bangladesh or the Philippines but I guarantee you that, if there are attacks on the French Riviera, we'll hear about it. Or the bar of the Hilton.