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"...Of course airbags still do have an effect on the damage a vehicle undergoes in a crash and therefore on the costs of repairing that car. “When you have an accident and you have three or four airbags deploy, it’s almost inevitable that you have a total loss. You can say that’s because of the severity of the hit, but the cost of replacing these multiple airbag systems is enormous—largely because of the severe damage these airbags do to the inside of the car. They ruin the seats, they ruin the trim, they ruin the electronics and the dashboard. It’s basically mini-explosions going on inside the car,” says Nystrom. ..."

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Evan, Seat belts are proven


Seat belts are proven effective safety devices. From what I've read air bags are not proven. In fact they cause fatalities. Since 1997 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has given you the choice to disable them in your vehicle based on your own research. Doesn't seem like they would allow that if the answer were a clear choice on safety.

Hmmm.... I see possibilities

Hmmm.... I see possibilities on the parts market.

Better a destroyed vinyl car

Better a destroyed vinyl car seat than a destroyed head, eh?