We need to have a talk

I don't know why there's so much emphasis on talks with North Korea about its nuclear program. Talks here, talks there, we need more talks, let's have (uni/bi)-lateral talks. Talks talks talks. What are these talks even about? The North Korean government knows that other governments are uneasy about its program. Why remind it? If anyone's been in a negotiating room during some talk or other between governments, please leave a comment and let me know exactly what goes on. Here's my guess (translating delays edited out):

Condoleezza Rice: Stop your nuclear program!
North Korean negotiator: No!
Rice: Stop or we'll kick your ass!
NKN: Bring it on! You'll go down with us!
Rice: Ok, ok. Please?
NKN: No way.
Rice: We'll give you food aid.
NKN: The Democratic People's Republic of Korea has lots of food! There's no need for aid!

Repeat for six hours a day, for two weeks. On the last day:

Rice: This is stupid. We're leaving. You're in a lot of trouble once George finds out.
NKN: Whatever, lady.

This is just speculation, but it's about how useful "talks" seem to be. Maybe the idea is that since the US won't invade North Korea, they can bore them to death instead.

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I harbor this enduring hope

I harbor this enduring hope that somewhere deep in the bowels of the Pentagon, someone has come up with a brilliant plan for kicking the ever loving crap out of the North Korean ruling cartel and castrating their military *without* getting Seoul reduced to smouldering ashes, and that as soon as someone high enough on the food chain realizes that the plan is "so crazy it just might work" Bush will give the go-ahead and remove this increasingly dangerous and evil stain from an increasingly free and prosperous world.

I know, I know... it's a silly dream. But without hope, where would we be?

Failing the masterstroke from the Pentagon, I'm not sure what our options really are. Maybe this China thing will work eventually; keep on plugging away there, Condi!

Or I guess we could send in Team America.

If neither side (especially

If neither side (especially us) is willing to give in, these talks becoming nothing more than a handful of wrinkled three year olds threatening each other with telling mommy.

We're never going to be able

We're never going to be able to move the pile viz. North Korea until China wakes up and realizes that having a nuclear-armed psychopath in your backyard is not good for business. The talks are timewasting until China gets off its ass and forces Kim to step down, because they're the only ones that can do it.

China might consider

China might consider intervening if the US stopped interfering. The Chinese are not deliberately going to remove something that embarrasses America. It's providing them with a good laugh on a regular basis.