Cinema Comeback?

After Hollywood's lackluster first half of 2005, at both the box office and in the quality department, there seems to be a spurt of good releases out there. Though I haven't seen Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and War of the Worlds as of yet, they are on the list. And both have received positive reviews (and fresh tomatoes).

I saw Wedding Crashers this weekend, the funniest movie so far this year. Though a tad long, the film is chock full of laughs and un-PC humor concerning two thirtysomething buddies who crash weddings attempting to bed single women whose romanticized emotional states are running off the charts. Owen Wilson's laid-back, lazy delivery complements Vince Vaughn's rapid-fire speeches very well.

And via Atlasphere, the Chicago Tribune notes this about Crashers co-star Vaughn...

The actor, who grew up in Lake Forest and recently moved to Chicago, was asked to name some favorites by InStyle magazine. He says his favorite book is "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand and his favorite film that he was in is "Swingers." He won't reveal his favorite government leader, though.

"I keep my politics to myself--I am just an actor making movies."

He's so money and doesn't even know it.

Hat tip to Samizdata.

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I saw War of the Worlds,

I saw War of the Worlds, shortly after blogging about how I wasn't going to see it (warning - spoilers in both links). I was not impressed. If you know the original story, it doesn't deviate far from that. In fact, the most notable deviation I've seen actually opens up a new plot hole, as opposed to closing some of the ones that were there before.

Either way, though, I do think the effects were pretty darn cool.

War of the Worlds was a big

War of the Worlds was a big disappointment, as was Batman. Wedding Crashers was excellent - even better than Old School. Fantastic Four was also a pleasant surprise.

Johnny Depp's performance in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory almost rivaled his performance in Pirates of the Carribean. Apart from that, the original was better, especially the soundtrack.

I loved War of the Worlds.

I loved War of the Worlds. I thought it was a great summer thriller with fantastic special effects and cinematography. It was up there with Mr. and Mrs. Smith, another great fun movie.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory... I just couldn't get over how Johnny Depp's character looked like Michael Jackson. And he was inviting little boys and girls into a private playground of his own creation. That just made the whole thing seem creepy to me. Gene Wilder was so much better!