One of Atlanta\'s best-kept secrets

The neighborhood I live in now on the west side of Atlanta has a lot of great features: proximity to Midtown, ease of access (via Marietta St.) to Downtown, old-fashioned charm (green yards, gardens, old trees, and parks), and a good mix of people living in it. Some of the houses (and their residents) are in poor condition, and some are being improved by young professionals as I write this. It's great for running and riding a bike, and many of the houses have great porches for sitting and drinking sweet tea (or beer). But there must be a large number of similar neighborhoods around this city. The advantage mine has over those is Carver's Country Kitchen.

Carver's is right by the front of the neighborhood, so it's just about 5 minutes by foot from my house. It's run by Robert and Sharon Carver—Sharon serving the food and Robert at the cash register. It's only open from 11am to 3pm, Tuesday through Friday, but during this time there's almost always a line out the door of people hungry for some of the best Southern food in Atlanta. My culinary skills leave something to be desired, so all I know about their cooking is that there must be magic involved.

There are two drink choices, as far as I know: lemonade and sweet tea. There are several meat options, the pot roast beef being the most irresistible, and lots of great vegetables, so even vegetarians can be satisfied. Also each meal comes with a biscuit or cornbread; I recommend the biscuit, but really you can't go wrong at Carver's even if you try. The walls are covered with signs, posters, and pithy phrases. Diners squeeze into a handful of tables, right next to other diners they don't know once it really gets crowded. Instead of napkins each table has a roll of paper towels, and each table is also stocked with a pitcher of sweet tea for refills.

I warn you: Carver's is not the place to eat if you're on a diet. But if you're celebrating life with every calorie, high-tail it down there. The Carvers are friendly as hell, and their food is good enough that they make their living being open only 16 hours a week.

The address is 1118 West Marietta St. If you're anywhere near Atlanta do yourself a favor and drop in. With a little prior notice I might join you.

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I'm living about 5 minutes

I'm living about 5 minutes from there (where 75 meets Northside Dr.). I'll have to check it out.

Sound good, but when I'm in

Sound good, but when I'm in town during lunch I'm pretty much always at Kool Korners (14th and State) for the best Cuban sandwich north of Miami.

I'll second Kool

I'll second Kool Korners...glad to hear they're still in business. I really miss that place (been gone for 6 years now).

I've never eaten at Carver's, but I will make a point to check it out next time I visit.

I miss Carver's like you

I miss Carver's like you miss the Mennonite Restaurant.

Carver's is great. When I

Carver's is great. When I worked at Georgia Tech my coworkers took me there a few times. My current workplace is in Midtown, close enough to rendevous for lunch someday. It might be fun to meet some of the other local anarcho-capitalists; there must be at least three of us in town. :)

FYI, they have canned cokes available as well.