Brave New World Re-Revisited

I've been pondering a post about Brave New World for a long time now, and Anastasia's recent post finally induced me to share it.

I know that my reading of the book was through my own lens, and that there are equally valid yet different readings of the book—because of readers' different emphases. But what didn't seem to be the point of the book was that genetic engineering is bad. A better assumption would be that government control of the population is bad, though even this is not unambiguously clear. (Please keep in mind, I was not yet the young radical that I am today, as I had not really become politically aware yet.)

One of the many things unique to Huxley's dystopia was soma, the wonder-recreational-drug that produced all the euphoria of modern drugs with none of the drawbacks. This probably horrified readers in 1932, but it did not horrify Aldous Huxley himself, and I don't think he wrote in his own hobbies as the characteristics of villains.

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