What Would the Religious Right Do?

In a Reason Hit & Run piece, Nick Gillespie passed along news from India concerning hard-line Islamic clerics who are ordering a woman raped by her father-in-law to nullify the 10-year-old marriage to her husband, and marry the rapist.

According to some Hit & Run readers, in a sort of Godwin's Law in reverse, this is quite comparable to the religious wing of the Republican Party. One poster claims that "this story is no worse than most of the stuff that is spewed by the (Christian) right". And another claims that if the Religious Right really claimed control of the White House, "we'd see just as many atrocities committed in the name of Jesus as other countries see committed in the name of Allah."

Poster Jason Ligon replies:

Sometimes I read comments in these parts and just want to say, WTF. There is a freakish paranoia of the religious right that leads people to say things like, 'That is no worse than what our 'fundies' do every day!' I'm not a Christian, but even I have to suggest that those feeling that way should get a grip. You have never seen any member of the government in the US daring to suggest anything of this sort. No, wanting to keep a monument on public property isn't 'just like' forcing someone to marry their rapist father in law. No, the fact that there are people willing to blow up abortion clinics who face consecutive life sentences at the hands of the government isn't comparable, either.

No offense, but arguments like these contribute to the idea that libertarians are lunatics devoid of the ability to make qualitative distinctions between two things they disagree with.

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Perhaps if you paid

Perhaps if you paid attention to what happens in theonomist circles you would also be worried. Indeed, being vigilent and informed is a good way to keep at bay those who would otherwise like to make the U.S. a paradise for those who get all jizzed about dominion theology.