My New Hero

I have never met or read anyone in the medical profession (except for those already writing at this blog) who shares my views of medicine and the medical profession. Until now, from Medscape (reg. req.) of all places, here's Rushika Fernandopulle of Massachusettes General Hospital:

Over the past several years, I believe we American physicians have made many wrong decisions for which we are now paying the price.

The first, and biggest, was selling our souls by taking on the role of gatekeeper. While this may have led to higher incomes in the short run, it violated a central tenet in the centuries-old covenant between ourselves and our patients -- that we worked for them, and were their advocates.

Second, we have allowed the payment system to determine how we practice medicine. We make patients come into the office for many things we know could be better dealt with by phone or by email, because we are paid for visits and not for remote interactions.

Finally, a colleague who realizes that special favors and powers given by the government bring with them the tedious rules and regulations that everyone bitches about. And all of them hurt patients in the long run.

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So, do you have any other

So, do you have any other views on medicine besides wanting a more "decentralized, market-oriented direction" and stopping support of the WoD?

I would certainly agree with those two positions.