Only in America

While I'm newsblogging, this piece from the NY Times is one of those things that really-seriously-no-cliche-here-at-all makes me proud to be an American.

Funny, too, how neatly it undermines the thesis of the Times' recent (now archived) series on class and social mobility. If you pitched a tale like this guy's to a fiction publisher, a cynical laugh would be the nicest response you could hope to receive; it makes Horatio Alger look realistic-- except that it happened.

My hat, Mr. Vassallo, is off to you; and here's hoping there's lots more where you came from.

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Sure, Vassalo succeeded. He

Sure, Vassalo succeeded. He had the advantage of not being a graduate of a US high school. The sort of initiative he showed would have been trained out of him by the 6th grade. I knew a guy like that. He was a refugee from Liberia.