I haven't played GTA: San Andreas yet, but I enjoyed GTA: Vice City. So maybe I should be glad that Democratic senators Clinton and Lieberman are giving them so much free publicity.

Two high-profile U.S. senators, Joseph Lieberman and Hillary Rodham Clinton, are incensed over pornographic content "hidden" in the popular video game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," and are demanding action from either the government or the game's maker.

The content can be unlocked by using the "Hot Coffee" code modification widely available on the Internet. By installing the modification, gamers can have their drivers find different girlfriends in the game who will have a "cup of hot coffee" -- a euphemism for sex -- with them.


Clinton (D-N.Y.), meanwhile, said she will introduce legislation to help keep inappropriate video games out of the hands of children, and has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the "Grand Theft Auto" game.

Setting aside the obvious (that such purchases and usage regulation should be the parents' responsibility), my question is, who exactly would this extra "pornographic" content offend? The game's typical customer is already familiar with its carjackings, gang beatings, cop shootings, and hooker bangings. My guess is this same customer, especially one actively surfing the net for the code (another activity one would think should be in the control of parents), isn't going to be floored by whatever he finds.

But then again, Hillary wasn't too aware of the live-action pornographic activity going on in her own house during the late 1990s. :roll:

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Nicely played, Dougie.

Nicely played, Dougie.

People who play violent and

People who play violent and pornographic video games are degenerates. Thank God this great country has Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman to keep this filth and depravity from our children.



Well, at least politicians

Well, at least politicians are now harping on modern games instead of complaining about the original Doom and awful mistakes like Night Trap.

GTA:DC Doug Allen points out

Doug Allen points out something that hadn't even occured to me: the GTA games already contain carjacking, cop killing, and just general violence and brutality towards anyone and everyone that gets in your way. You know, the kind of thing that 99% of ...