Hittin\' Us Where It Hurts

The IOC, headed by Jacques Rogge, has removed baseball and softball from the summer games effective 2012. Revenge for "freedom fries", no doubt.

My boy says it best:

There are times in interviews with schizophrenic patients that they will say something that is absolutely bizarre. That doesn't bother me so much except when in a room of ten mental health professionals, I am the only one who seems to think it is bizarre while everyone else acts as if it is exactly what they expected them to say.

I had a similar experience looking at [this] article... The olympic committee has apparently decided to remove baseball and softball from the summer games. Am I the only one who thinks this is insane?

Of course, the sport of baseball will do just fine - no baseball fan even cared about the Olympics anyhow. But the removal of softball is more of an injustice to its participants, being that it was the premier softball event in the world. And no more Jenny Finch, either - what a shame.

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