So Much for \"Green\" Natives

Evidence is mounting that early Australians were responsible for killing off most of the country's megafauna species as well as its forests and grasslands. There is also significant evidence that the first humans to arrive in the Americas were responsible for the extinction of mammoths, mastodons, and horses. The lack of domesticable megafauna and plants have been partly blamed for the ease with which these cultures were overrun by Eurasians.

So it would seem that even primitive humans were perfectly capable of causing massive ecological damage. Maybe people will remember this when reminiscing about the "good ol' days" when humans supposed lived "in harmony with the earth." Perhaps modern "conveniences" such as fertilizer and pesticides that allow us to farm without having to burn millions of acres or go to war with one another when our population density exceeds one per square mile are a good thing after all.

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This is new research? I

This is new research? I thought that was assumed already? Just as with Moas and Maoris, various birds and Polynesians etc etc

Perhaps we should simply be

Perhaps we should simply be smart enough now not to let our population density exceed one per square mile. But no, no, that's just a dream.

I'll stop having kids if

I'll stop having kids if everyone else does too :wink:

Actually, Dave and I are working on the solution to this little problem already. We're leaving.

The part about Australia is

The part about Australia is supposedly new. Guns, Germs, and Steel mentions nothing about it, and it's fairly recent. The theory about the first arrivals in North America killing off the North American megafauna is not at all new, but there are still many, many publications that claim it's a "complete mystery" why the horses, mammoths, mastodons, and saber tooth tigers all disappeared at about the same time as humans arrived. "Hmmmm..."