Freeway Blogging

I am on my way from Yorktown, Virginia to Azalia, Michigan. My brother, sister-in-law, father, aunt and I are heading up to my dad’s birthplace to bury my mother.

Anyway, we heard that there is a huge traffic jam on I-95 near Fredericksburg. We got off the freeway and out come the computers to find the best route around. My dad has Streets and Maps loaded on his computer; I just have a cell phone modem card. He got the data first. But still, this is really cool.

My condolences and deepest sympathies go to the fine folk of London.

Just caught the Governor of Virginia on a local radio station. He called in to a radio show to talk about his bike accident and thank the show hosts for their gag gifts. Interesting note about socialized services - the Governor was airlifted out for his minor injuries.

Now, the major problems with freeway blogging - the CPU is rather warm. In fact, it is starting to hurt my lap. Second, in order to avoid D.C. traffic, we're a bit off the beaten path and thus I have spotty cell coverage. So this is it for now. I'll probably check in a bit later.

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