Spirit of \'76 in 2005

The grandest holiday of the year is nigh! I hope everybody's celebrations preserve the spirit of '76. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Smuggle things into public squares when you're watching fireworks. Booze, drugs, and your own smaller fireworks are classics, but immigrants work just as well in a pinch.

2. If you're not going out into public squares, carpe diem in your own surroundings. Smoke something illegal, burn effigies, snuggle up with your same-sex partner, make a business deal on the informal market. If you're not the rowdy type, enjoy yourself and your freedom anyway.

3. Rock with your favorite liberty-themed music. Some suggestions, alphabetically ordered and across a few genres: After the Fire - Der Kommissar; Charlie Daniels Band - Long Haired Country Boy; Crass - Big A Little A, Bloody Revolutions, White Punks on Hope; Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son; The Clash - Guns of Brixton, This Is Radio Clash; The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again; any of the versions of Paddy's Lamentation. More generally, listen to rock & roll at high volume— whatever the message is, at its core rock & roll is about being free to grab life by the balls, and thank the Fates for that. (Commenters: feel free to add your own suggestions.)

4. Take a moment to reflect on how revolutionary those American ideals where in 1776. The Fourth is not about the military, it's not about the flag, it's not about how much aid we can give to authoritarian third-world governments. It's about flipping the king the bird and running your own life.

5. As always, be safe and responsible. Ok, ok, you don't have to be too safe, but we want you rocking with us next year.


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More Liberty Themed

More Liberty Themed Music:

"You Got Another Thing Coming" - Judas Priest
"We're Not Gonna Take It" - Twisted Sister
"I Won't Back Down" - Tom Petty

C'mon people, what about

C'mon people, what about Harrison's "Taxman"?

And I always thought it was

And I always thought it was about a bunch of rich slave-owners who wanted to avoid paying for their own defence. :wink:

Seriously, as a non-American who's lived there, I have to congratulate y'all for at least maintaining the idea of individual liberty as a guiding principle. The actual practices might be a little shoddy, but at least some of you are trying. That's more than can be said about most places around the globe.

I kinda wish I was in Philly today, downing some ale at the Independence Brewpub and listening to Ween's "Spirit of '76'.

I always try to recite The

I always try to recite The Important Sentence from the Declaration of Independence... you know the one: "We hold these truths..." etc. Sometime in the evening when everyone's been fed and before the fireworks start, when they're not too rowdy or too sleepy to pay attention for a moment. Hoist a beer and say it like a toast. At the end of the "toast" drink your beer and continue pursuing happiness.