Does Sesame Street Oppose Its Own Funding?

Episode 4033 of Sesame Street (originally aired 4/9/2003) (yes, I've been reduced to watching Sesame Street) offers a life-lesson at the conclusion of a bit of drama. Following a recent spate of cookie thefts, Cookie Monster finds himself falsely accused. The following excerpt occurs after the true thief reveals himself.

Maria: Hey, wait a minute. Those are my cookies. I baked them myself. Where did you get them?

Cookie Hood: I am cookie hood, remember. I take cookies from people who have too many, and give them to people who don't.

Cookie Monster: But that's stealing

Maria: Right.

Man: Yes

Cookie Hood: Stealing?

Horse: Told you so.

Big Bird: Yeah. When you take something that doesn't belong to you, that's stealing.

Cookie Hood: Even cookies?

Cookie Monster: Even cookies.

Cookie Hood: Oh, but, I only wanted to help people who didn't have cookies. I didn't mean to steal. Honest, old chap.

Maria: Well, that's alright....

Immediately following this episode, a representative of New York's channel 13 informed us of the House of Representatives' efforts to "slash" the funding for public broadcasting by 45%, and urged us to let our elected officials know how we feel about this. (I taped this episode 2 weeks ago, but surprisingly, I don't think I've been scooped by anyone).

Can anyone spot hypocrisy in action?

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