Return to the Moon

The Space Frontier Foundation is having their Return to the Moon conference next month. I just received an email reminder for it. After reading the email I'm not sure I want to go. From the email:


A number of high-level NASA speakers have confirmed their presentation topics:
· Chris Shank – NASA's plans to restructure exploration/Crew Exploration Vehicle efforts in line with Administrator Griffin's new direction
· Michael Foale – Long-term vision and integrating shuttle and exploration operations in the future
· Brant Sponberg – New Non-Traditional Approaches office and Centennial Challenge prizes to support exploration
· NASA Legal – A NASA speaker on hand to talk about Other Transactions Authority (OTA)
· NASA Exploration Systems Mission Directorate – Several speakers will be on hand from NASA ESMD to discuss various exploration projects

and this:


Two distinct Heroes of the Moon awards will be given this year. The Foundation is proud to announce that one of these awards will be given to President Bush for his vision of returning NASA and this country to the Moon and pushing further into the solar system, and for his continued support of that vision.

Why did I receive this email?

I sent you this news because you've donated to the Space Frontier Foundation... which I truly appreciate... and I believe you'll want to come to this conference to see how NASA and the private sector are learning to work together.

Let me put this as delicately as possible. My close friend Ian Kluft had this to say on a rocketry mail list[1] about a NASA moon mission:'s likely that someone from this group will have been chartered to bring the CNN crew there who will provide live coverage of the landing.

NASA is not going to return us to the moon. They never got us there to begin with. Sure they got a few test pilots there. But that isn't you, me, or anyone we actually know. NASA has spent over 40 years wasting our time and money, interfering in astronautical technology markets and generally making life difficult for those of us trying to get off this rock. If NASA makes it back to the moon, expect it to be just like Antartica, a small research station that only a select few get to go to. Then they think they are going to Mars. Yeah, right. I've heard that one before.

Rick Tumlinson has said a number of times that NASA cannot get humanity out to space. If we're going, any of us, it will be by the efforts of the various start-ups in the alt-space communtity. Rick is one of the big shots in SFF. So what gives? Why is SFF all over NASA like a schoolgirl fawning over the latest boy-band?

[1] Unfortunately, the list archives are restricted, so no link. Share this

Dave, Consider this a ghetto


Consider this a ghetto trackback.


"Why is SFF all over NASA

"Why is SFF all over NASA like a schoolgirl fawning over the latest boy-band?"

Its actually the other way around. NASA is fawning over RTTM. The conference still has a commercial, non-traditional track and I'm on one and running another. And for good or ill, its those announcements that will bring the press in that will allow the non-NASA dependent companies to get press time and credibility.

Dave, You'll beat 'em there.


You'll beat 'em there.