Hey Arnold, Now\'s Your Chance!

I was just thinking that there is quite a bit of property in our great State of California that could be appropriated and given to some rich companies to increase the tax base here. I mean there are lots of folk who are occupying some really nice real estate and aren't paying taxes. With the SCOTUS decision on Kelo that says that an increased tax base is good enough for eminent domain, I'm sure you have some friends in the biz world that could better use these properties. Here's just two properties in San Francisco that might interest you:

1390 Market Street
85 Second Street

Oh I'm sure the tenants of those two properties will find another place to move to, and I'm sure you could use those new properties as well, and when the reason for those takings becomes clear (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), you can say hasta la vista to your political opponents. And all you did was increase revenue for our great State! There are lots of opportunities like that throughout California.

Ain't the Supremes just wonderful. Hey, you know with interpretations of the Constitution like Raich and Kelo, I bet you are just a lawsuit away from the Presidency!

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