Why You Should Be Watching Battlestar Galactica

Without my trusty way-too-many-gigabyte TiVo, I lack the discipline to watch Battlestar Galactica. My TiVo has conditioned me to the point that I have no idea what day or time any given show airs. I've missed so many episodes, and liked the ones I've seen so much, that I am committed to buying the DVD when it is released.

But for now, I must console myself with BSG nostalgia. Here is a choice bit from Leonard at Unruled:

The President is talking to a doctor; she's got breast cancer. He asks her why she didn't get an examination over the last five years - I'm getting preachy modern health-fascism vibes here, yuck - then she comes back with that's not your business. Woohoo! Then he lights up a cigarette. !!! On a TV show made in the last ten-twenty years, and scifi no less, a cigarette! She looks at this somewhat aghast, and asks "do you mind", and he says, "yes I do mind" and keeps right on smoking! National TV! Then they talk about possible treatment, clearly not with a very good prognosis. She wants to explore "alternate treatments", his take (not knowing she has a good reason for this), is "oh you're one of those people". He suggests, "prayer", she says "funny", all very fast. Then they discuss a technobabbled alternate therapy - 'marsala root' or whatever. He agrees to try to help her. He snubs his cigarette and starts to leave, but then tells her with great sympathy: "seriously: you should consider prayer". We get an ambiguous reaction shot from her and end of scene.

Wow. Politically incorrect in three different ways, but very real, and nothing like I'd expect to see on TV, scifi or not.

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There's always BitTorrent.

There's always BitTorrent. Not that I'd know anything about it of course.

Eddie, My thoughts exactly.


My thoughts exactly. I'm in DC over the summer and the apartment only offers cable, while my TiVo is satellite only. So no TiVo, and thus no quality TV for me till August.

I don't know what happened

I don't know what happened to your Tivo; my condolences if it's missing in action. If you still have it, grab a season's pass to Battlestar Galactica before the new season starts (July 15). I Tivo'd the miniseries on a lark and didn't get around to watching it for three months; when we finally did watch it we were suprised and impressed. Watching the first episode of the first season gave us the excuse we'd been looking for to go hi-def and big-screen.

If you've lost your Tivo, you might as well stop watching TV until you get a new one. Read a book or see your friends or whatever. Life is too precious to waste on commercials. :)

I liked the old Battlestar

I liked the old Battlestar Galactica better.