\'Round the \'Sphere

Don Boudreaux comments on jury duty. His thoughts are similar to mine - I'm a big fan of jury nullification, especially after reading Clay Conrad's Jury Nullification: The Evolution of a Doctrine last weekend. It seems like the ultimate check of excessive government power. (How ironic that it is itself coerced.)

Virginia Postrel's most recent NYT column looks at work done by Alex Tabarrok and Johnathan Klick to study the effects of numbers of police on crime.

Maria at Intueri takes a look at crazy-ass, cradle-robbin', vitamin-eatin' Tom Cruise and Scientologists perspective on mental health.

I'm not big on podcasting, but I could be convinced.

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Thanks for the mention, Dr.

Thanks for the mention, Dr. McBride. Although now I feel like I should have a spittoon next to me while I roast some buffalo over the campfire.

Nice array of smilies you got going on there, too.