You Say You Want a Revolution

While I was relaxing on a warm, humid day in Michigan yesterday, some good stuff was going on in one of the so-called "Axis of Evil" countries. In Tehran, Iran...

Hundreds of women staged an unauthorized demonstration in Tehran today, protesting sex discrimination under Iran's Islamic leadership just days before the June 17 presidential elections.

The protest was the first public display of dissent by women since the 1979 revolution, when the new regime enforced obligatory veiling. "We are women, we are the children of this land, but we have no rights," they chanted. More than 250 marched outside Tehran University, and about 200 others demonstrated two blocks away after hundreds of riot police swarmed in and barred them from joining the main protest.

Hat tip to Publius Pundit, where you'll also find an array of good photos.

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