While Flipping Between MTV and The History Channel...

My roommate ad-libs a promo for a show we'd both like to see:

After conquering the world at the ripe young age of 17, Alexander the Great goes on to form the boy band, "Five Young Greeks."

Song title suggestions welcome in the comments.

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"Reach Around"

"Reach Around"

"Conquer [and enslave] your

"Conquer [and enslave] your heart"

"He Ain't Heavy, He's

"He Ain't Heavy, He's Aristotle"

"Elysian Fields" (Nothing to

"Elysian Fields"

(Nothing to get hung about)

"bloodshed blues"

"bloodshed blues"

"It's Raining Men" - Josh,

"It's Raining Men"

- Josh, couldn't help himself

Josh wins.

Josh wins.

No, I think Paul wins, in

No, I think Paul wins, in the worst possible way. [puts self out of misery] :behead:

p.s. Hey, I just learned something nifty about this comment engine - if you put asterisks at either end of a passage (which I did intending to indicate a "stage direction" above), *it is automatically bolded.* Are there similar single-character ways to do italics and blockquotes?