C\'est la Free

From the Globe and Mail:

The Supreme Court of Canada struck down Thursday a Quebec prohibition on private health-care insurance, in what members of Canada's medical profession called a "historic" decision with the potential to dramatically change the face of care in this country. [...]

"In sum, the prohibition on obtaining private health insurance is not constitutional where the public system fails to deliver reasonable services," the court found.

I'm also somehow reminded of the Academy Award winning The Barbarian Invasion.

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Check out the discussion of

Check out the discussion of this over on Hit and Run. Predictably, it has come to revolve around how libertarians are just stupid, spoiled, ignorant people who are so privileged that they can't comprehend what it must be like to actually have to worry about where their health care is coming from. If they were otherwise, obviously they would support socialized medicine.

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More on Socialized Healthcare
I re-read an article at the Cato Institute that I remember from last year, thanks to an entry on Catallarchy today. This article not only recommends an excellent film, "The Barbarian Invasion", but it also brings us some excellent and...

What I find most comical

What I find most comical about the Globe and mail article's quotes is how those saying them make this pathetically small step in the direction of markets seem like a tremendous and all changing undertaking. What they imply by stating such a thing, however, is that this little action was big enough, now no more of this reform nonsense! Constant bureaucratic trick that i've noticed: compromise a little bit, make a big deal of your clearheaded generosity, and use that as justification for refusing further compromises.