C\'mon, the science isn\'t *that* dismal!

Alex Tabarrok gives us some humorous insight into public perception of economists:

The masseuse was working on my chakra's (or something like that) when she said:

"Has anyone told you that you are great today? I can tell that you have a lot of loving energy. You're a very giving person."

"Wow," I replied, "no one has ever said that. I'm an economist."

"Oh," she replied, pausing slightly, "I guess I was wrong."

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It's just not possible for

It's just not possible for economists to love the same way normal people do. This is especially true with male economists trying to love female non economists. On the one side you get all kinds of squishy irrational "feelings", and it makes the other side sound like Ayn Rand. My suggestion is to talk about her feelings as much as possible, because they all know your (Catallarchy reader's) motivation and that feelings are pretty much secondary. Oh, and the "I'm selfish because I want you to be happy" line doesn't work, either.