Proof That Steroids Cause Insanity

California out in front again.

Schwarzenegger unveils plan to combat global warming, greenhouse gas.

...He formally launched the gathering with a signing of an executive order mandating that greenhouse gas emissions in California be cut to year 2000 levels in the next five years, and that they be 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050....

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My sense has been that the

My sense has been that the Republican Party has always been interested in destroying the economy indirectly.

They've been mercantilist since the day they were founded.

Hey, at least Gray wanted to

Hey, at least Gray wanted to cripple the economy directly.
Arnie, on the other hand, wants to destroy it indirectly.

Can we quit calling him a Republican now?  Pretty please?

Oh, right.  In California, he's a right-wing wacko.