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I guess its about time to wrap up my American Idol posts, since the show is now over. The winner as predicted by many, Simon Cowell icluded, was Carrie Underwood. Bo and Carrie were given several songs to sing last Tuesday night, and reminiscent of season one all of the "original" songs sounded remarkably better with a female singer. You try to get a southern rocker to sound good singing slow adult contemporary quasi/country songs and it doesn't work out especially well. Not that I suspect there is any conspiracy behind it, or particular favoritism. It seems to me as if Carrie and Bo comparitively were apples to oranges, that is not easily compared. I would have preferred to hear an original song that Bo could have reasonably released as a single had he won, as well as the one that carrie did. Neither of the songs they had to sing would have worked as a single off of a rock album. I suspect the show's producers did not put much thought into it though.

The show itself was pretty good, and the results show was better, at least the last half hour of it. The results show was basically an hour and a half of filler, and 30 minutes of goodstuff. The goodstuff was having all of the top 12 contestants sing songs with current artists. Bo got to sing with Lynard Skynard. Carrie sang with Rascal Flats, which had to be the best duo of the night. Anwar and Anthony sang with Kenny G, who obviously didn't sing. They sang my least favorite song ever, "I believe I can fly," and it wasn't any better than the last time Anwar did it. Thank goodness for fast-forward. Constantine, Jessica, and Nadia sang with Kenny Wayne Sheppard. They tried to sing "Walk this way." It emphasized how poorly the three of them could "rock," especially when thrown together. Scott Savol and Nikko Smith sang "On Broadway" with George Benson. It was actually pretty good. Though I didn't care for the super jazzed-up version of the song. Vonzell sang a duet with Billy Preston. It was a nice reminder of why vonzell was in the top 3, showing her as both a powerful singer, and having great charisma on stage. Mikalah and Linsey Cardinale sang with Babyface. It was really just Babyface singing with Lindsey and Mikahlah occasionally finishing his sentences and backing him up.

As for the actual competition night, Bo and Carrie both had to pick their favorite song to sing from the season, and then they both sang two very drab, uninteresting "originals," ultimately destined to be American Idol singles. Carrie sounded better on the originals, mainly because Carrie sounds good singing just about anything, and Bo sounds best when he actually likes the songs he is singing. That clearly was not the case. So overall the competition show was disappointing and the last half hour of the results show was really good.

Also I find it interesting that quite a few of the American Idol finalists particularly those in the top two, seem to have been from the south. It depends on whether you include oklahoma as south or midwest, but in theory you could say all the winners were from the south. Oklahoma is typically grouped in with the South on maps, but is often considered midwestern because of its similarity to the great plains states. In any case its interesting to me, because it could suggest fascinating things about the south that most of the top 2 contenders came from there, or it could be coincidental and mean nothing at all.

Thats about it. I'm going out of town until Sunday so I wanted to get this out of the way before I go. I'm visiting the great state of Lousianna for a wedding thats going to cost me four days of work, 1 day of school (which will cost approximately 80 dollars to make up), probably another couple hundred in expenses between buying food and shelter during the trip, and I haven't even bought a wedding present yet. Its enough to make me think I should cancel my wedding plans (to be taking place at some point in 2006) and just plan a honeymoon instead.

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No! Weddings are to be


Weddings are to be huge! Much involvement. This makes sure people don't go into the institution unless they're really certain about it.

Eloping is great!

Eloping is great! Especially if you do so with a fellow blogger as I did. Just do it and return home with it an accomplished fact so the relatives don't have to "help" with your wedding, nobody has to worry about who gets invited because nobody does, and so forth.

Joining the "smug marrieds" doesn't have to be a big production and much peace of mind can ensue as a result. Even if it's not complicated by the in-laws being on opposite coasts...

as someone currently in the

as someone currently in the throes of wedding planning, I highly recommend eloping.

Scott, Let's take a


Let's take a five-minute break so that all the married people in the room can slap you. [/Dilbert]

There is so much wrong with that line of thinking that I don't even know where to start, so I'll just assume that you're kidding. :dizzy: