Hedges, Cash, Shoes

An arbitrary selection of links for this morning:

This story in the Times about a new law imposing fines of up to £1,000 upon homeowners whose hedges exceed six meters reminds me to recommend Nanny Knows Best, a blog dedicated to documenting the growth of governmental intrusion in Britain.

India enjoys economic growth: "Every evening, Vishal Bhatt (16) and his friends hit the road on their motorcycles. They pull up near a coffee shop on Ghod Dod Road in Surat, their favourite joint where they hang out till late in the night. And they don’t mind spending Rs 70 each on a couple of coffees each of them gets a cool Rs 900 Rs 1,000 a week as pocket money. It’s a way of life for Vishal, who among an increasing number teenagers who lead expensive lifestyles encouraged by parents who do not mind indulging their children."

Nike offers customized shoes: "Nike has a message for shoppers looking for the hottest shoe design: Just do it -- yourself. The world's largest athletic shoemaker has relaunched a Web site where shoppers design their own shoes, choosing everything from the colour of the famous Nike swoosh to personalizing the tongue with a word or phrase."

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