Does Poverty Induce Terrorism?

Gary Becker offers a nice overview of the possible relationships between poverty and terrorism.

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I’m not quite sure how

I’m not quite sure how blowing yourself up increases your job prospects.

It doesn't. But if your life sucks, then the cost of suicide is lower.

Brian, That correlation

That correlation isn't historically very strong, if you look at the big picture.

"The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism" Robert A. Pape - American Political Science Review, 2003

Suicide terrorism is rising around the world, but the most common explanations do not help us understand why. Religious fanaticism does not explain why the world leader in suicide terrorism is the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, a group that adheres to a Marxist/Leninist ideology, while existing psychological explanations have been contradicted by the widening range of socio-economic backgrounds of suicide terrorists. To advance our understanding of this growing phenomenon, this study collects the universe of suicide terrorist attacks worldwide from 1980 to 2001, 188 in all. In contrast to the existing explanations, this study shows that suicide terrorism follows a strategic logic, one specifically designed to coerce modern liberal democracies to make significant territorial concessions. Moreover, over the past two decades, suicide terrorism has been rising largely because terrorists have learned that it pays.

I'm not quite sure how

I'm not quite sure how blowing yourself up increases your job prospects. Maybe if your in fifty pieces you can cover more territory? Or short term you'll look motivated for potential employers.:dizzy:

Of course there is no

Of course there is no correlation between terrorism and poverty. What human being in their right mind thinks killing innocent people is going to put food on the table.

Terrorism however meshes nicely with the goal of killing the infidel and spreading the Islamic faith. Try doing a correlation between terrorist acts and Islam, and you will be on the right track.