France Goes Against EU Constitution

Bloomberg: "France rejected the European Union's constitution in a national referendum, dealing a blow to President Jacques Chirac and European integration."

John Vaught LaBeaume covered the debate for Reason.

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Someone floated the idea

Someone floated the idea that this was a rejection by the little guy against the 'beurocracy':wink: which cracked me up. France has an almost incredible number/percentage of government employees, even compared to Kanadastan. they have absolutely NO INTEREST in less government of any kind.
IMO, they ran up against the constitutional spending limits far faster than they thought and soberly realized what it meant.Some cranky old conservative gold loving German cental banker telling them no more '10 hour work week!!! Not to mention letting a pile of cheap labour from Hungary 'steal' thier life time of leisure jobs. Government employees voted for thier own survival, period, which is fine. In thier fantasy unproductive socialized dream world, they'll eventually get thier heads handed to them anyway, this time figuratively.:behead: