Bon Anniversaire a nous

In the midst of the weekend's festivities, we neglected to mention that May 26th[1] marked our 2nd Blogiversary. As Jonathan said at the 1st Blogiversary, we started the blog with high hopes, that four regular libertarian guys (neither professors nor professionals) could make some impact in the public discourse- and since then we've nearly quadrupled our number of regular contributors, increased our unique visitor traffic by orders of magnitude (doubling our average traffic since last year, to boot), and speaking for myself, have been educated and amazed by the intelligence & wit of my fellow writers and the commenters who drop their two cents into our mix.

To all the readers & contributors, salut! Thanks for making our/my hobby fun & entertaining.

fn1. In beer addled conversation I thought yesterday was the anniversary (and made toasts to it repeatedly), though the earliest posts do date back to the May 26th, 2003. However, a technicality may be that we were in beta mode until the 28th, when the server hiccupped and once we went back online, we emailed people saying "hey, check us out." ;) (<-- that's for Micha)

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