American Idol Final 3

Now that my midterm is finally over, (WOOOHOOO!!!!) I thought I should probably go ahead and put up my post on the final 3 especially since its already time for a new episode. Sorry about that, but it really has been a crazy week. Luckily there is only two entries left before the whole sha-bang is over.

Last week was awesome. Vonzell, though I was sorry to see her go was very clearly the weakest competitor. Meanwhile Bo really came out to shine. He started the night singing "Don't let the sun come down on me." The song was picked by Clive Davis who was sitting on the judges panel and will be producing the album of the eventual winner. The rendition was impressive, better than Elton's I think. Next he sang a song of his own choice. If you didn't see the entire rest of the season it was worthwhile to watch just for this one performance. Bo choose to sing his own rendition of "Within a Dream" by Badlands in acapella, so no music or backups whatsover. It was really amazing. It highlighted how exceptional his voice is, not to mention how infinitely recordable he is. Bo is pretty much guranteed an album at this point regardless of whether or not he wins, and Clive Davis told him as much on the show. Bo's final song, chosen by Paula Abdul, was "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones. Simon's critique of it amouted to complaining that it was a fluff song. But of course it was. It was still a fun performance and Bo singing Rolling Stones was really cool. Besides if "on the radio" (Simon's choice for Vonzell) isn't a fluff song I don't know what is.

Clive's choice for Vonzell was "I know I'll never love this way again." The big grin during her performance kind of killed the impact the song otherwise might have had, but vocally it was pretty good. The song she chose for herself was "Chain of fools." It was a very good performance and one of Vonzell's best this season. She showed all the passion and flamboyance that made her so appealing in the beginning but that she seems to have lost in recent weeks. The song picked for her by Simon Cowell was "On the Radio." I wasn't familiar with the song, but it sounded like a disco tune. It was a fun upbeat song, but a surprising choice for Simon. Perhaps the judges should have put their heads together in deciding what songs the contestants should sing, but instead this year they seemed to have gotten assigned one contestant each. Thus the selection was a little whimsical.

Clive's choice for Carrie was "Crying" by Roy Orbison. I'm not a fan of the song but she certainly sounded good singing it. For herself Carrie chose to sing "Making love out of nothing at all." It was a great song for her. She looked and sounded very passionate, and its nice to hear a good 80's power ballad every now and then. The fluffiest song of the night by far was Randy's choice for Carrie of Shania Twains "I feel like a woman." It was a nice performance that didn't show off her voice, personality, or uniqueness for the most part. It was very much like a good karaoke performance, but I suspect thats the best anyone could have made of that song since it consists mainly of random assertions about feeling like a woman and having fun. Which makes me wonder why they didn't just have her sing "girls just want to have fun," by Cindi Lauper. That would have been more interesting and fit well in with her previous choice. She probably could have done a rendition of it that actually sounded unique since her own voice and style is so much different from the original song. Nevertheless it was a good showing for all the contestants last week, even Vonzell, but someone had to go.

Now I think I'm going to watch the final two. After last week I am now firmly in favor of Bo winning, but to be honest I don't think it matters one way or another who wins. Either the producers will give them good songs to sing on their albums and they will do well, or they will come up with crappy contrived wanna-be genre stuff for them to sing and they will end up doing poorly (like Justin Guarini did, and Reuben certainly could have done a lot better, to name a few, if he'd had something good to sing). Either way if the winner gets a little creative control over the album then they might have a chance.

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Well, as it turns out, they

Well, as it turns out, they did give them crappy wanna-be genre stuff - since they're both Southern, it was crappy country-pop-ballads - but, even though I thought they were both off their best, they still both did very well.

I'll be interested to see what they do for TWO HOURS on the finale tonight... :dizzy:

American Idol Final

American Idol Final 3

American Idol Final 3

i love carry when will she

i love carry when will she have a cd :???:

when will jouner candian idol be on back plz:gossip::deal:

ps. hi:kiss: