We\'ve Got It Covered

Newsweek broke the (eventually retracted) story about a Koran being flushed down a toilet by American interrogators. Indeed, Newsweek also had no qualms about literally trashing the American flag on its Japanese-version magazine cover back in February. During this publication week, the US-version of the magazine had a cover story on a few Hollywood Oscar hopefulls.

The white text reads: “The Day America Died”.

Hats off to Rising Sun.

Meanwhile, German blog Medienkritic (via WSJ) reveals how the depictions of US firms as “bloodsuckers” in the IG Metall, a German trade union magazine, eerily compares to 1930s Nazi propaganda depicting Jews as the same.

But maybe the Anti-America card isn't playing as well as in previous years for the Social Democrats.

And speaking of covers, I thought a poster on Hit & Run had the quote of the day regarding Saddam's underpants photoshoot in the Sun: "Looks pretty well-hung. Really puts the 'dic' in 'dictator', don'cha think?"

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"Person B uses tool Y in a

"Person B uses tool Y in a similar manner as (very noxious) Person A"

Unspoken subtext: person B must be functionally identical to to person A.

This is painfully simplistic stuff. I've come to expect a higher level of discourse on this blog (outside the American Idol dross.) What happened?

Hus, Medienkritik was


Medienkritik was presenting a case on how the terminology and imagery used in Metall's anti-American/Capitalism cover bore a striking resemblance to the anti-Semetic/Capitalism propaganda of yesteryear. IOW, I don't think they were suggesting that Metall's cover was anti-Semetic, per se.

BTW, I'll note that in all

BTW, I'll note that in all the freaking over the Qu'ran story that no one seems to remember that (a) this wasn't a major story (it was ten lines of text after all), (b) they the information from an administration source, (c) two administration officials read the article and either had no comment or did not comment on the controverted claim, and (d) this wasn't the first time that the issue of Qu'ran desecration had been reported in the press.

While, I don't agree with

While, I don't agree with the "bloodsucker" claim, it is somewhat overboard to claim that the cartoon is anti-semetic.