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I'm not much of one to rave about restaurants. I eat at them far too often, as I don't care to cook for myself. But, my parents, brother, sister-in-law and I went to one that was just awesome. Even more outrageous is that this is a chain restarant. When my sister-in-law metioned the name, I checked their website and figured it was another TGI Fridays or Red Lobster. Boy was I wrong!

The restaurant is Bonefish Grill. They do not take reservations but they have call ahead seating. We called right before we left and we got there about a half hour after we called. It took another hour and 40 minutes to be seated. I am not patient, and neither is the rest of my family, but people came out and told us it was worth the wait, so we waited. It also helped that the staff brought out appetizers from time to time, and they were so good we had to find out how the entrees were!

I had the evening special, swordish with spinach, mushrooms, and a gorgonzola cheese sauce. Very delicious. We also tried the tuna, salmon and some fish that I don't recall now (had a crabby taste to it, and the server said the fish prefers dining on crab), all were very good. Every one of us agreed the wait was worthwhile.

Unfortunately, they are only in the southeast and midwest of the U.S.

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The website said they have

The website said they have one in Columbus! Thanks for the heads up, that'll be my next dining-out destination.