Catallarchy Hires Guest Blogger

Boston, MA -- In a move designed to cut labor costs and increase profitability, Catallarchy will begin outsourcing some of its content production, company spokesperson Jonathan Wilde announced Monday. He explained that Catallarchy had already entered a trial phase in which Jonathan Dingel of Exploit the Worker will be contributing a series of posts.

Company stockholders complained that the move could be costly, as the use of overseas low-skilled labor might lower Catallarchy's average productivity. Anti-globalization groups focused upon the extremely low wage rate accepted by Dingel, complaining that Wilde's offer took advantage of the desperation induced by Exploit the Worker's weak position in the blogosphere. They demanded that Catallarchy adopt a fair trade regime and pay a mark-up to the poor laborer. The AFL-CIO focused upon the loss of American jobs, warning that large numbers of unemployed bloggers would be disruptive of civil society.

Phone calls to Dingel's small wooden shack in Oxfordshire went unanswered. Some trade policy analysts suggested that the move might actually benefit Dingel, by allowing him to link into the global economy of the blogosphere and write on topics outside of his usual focus on preferential trade agreements and development economics. These arguments were widely dismissed as attempts to excuse another instance of First World neo-colonialism tarnishing a previously pristine Third World blog.

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Hah! Welcome aboard.

Hah! Welcome aboard.