An Interesting Investigation of Indexing

A plausible-sounding method of out-performing Index Funds, at first glance.

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nmg, Which Pimco funds are


Which Pimco funds are you referencing?

After looking at these PIMCO

After looking at these PIMCO funds' performances that employ this strategy, they don't seem to be beating the market. What am I missing?


Beating The Market Index

Beating The Market Index (via Catallarchy)
Can you beat market indices like the S&P 500? Here's an interesting article by Rob Arnott, editor of the Financial Analysts Journal (coauthored with Jason Hsu and Phil Moore) that claims just that. The article, Redefining Indexation argues that capi...

The StocksPLUS funds, which

The StocksPLUS funds, which appear to be using the non-cap weighted techniques? Maybe I'm misunderstanding.