Come again?

The U.S. government announced it will spend $2 billion on sexual performing drugs, i.e. Viagra, over the next decade. Using some math and the U.S. population, that will amount to an additional $6.78 from every man, woman, and child.

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…give me entitlements, or

…give me entitlements, or give me death.
After all, old folks reliably vote for whichever candidate promises to keep the benefits coming, so to speak.

dude, what are you talking

dude, what are you talking about? That post title was awesome!

I don't think the federal

I don't think the federal government should be giving children sexual performing drugs anyway.

And Doug, that post title was uncalled-for.

Seriously, this is the sort of thing that almost makes one pray for a hastening of the inevitable collapse of the dollar if it'll at least put a dent in entitlement spending. What am I saying? The federal government would probably abandon all military and law enforcement expenditures before it would ever say "no" to a single thing that the AARP kleptocrats demand... :bomb:

Because it's far more

Because it's far more important that rich old men (which coincidentally make up a vast majority of the government) be able to perform for their expensive hookers/interns than it is for you and me to feed our children.

The bureaucratic imperative

The bureaucratic imperative is amazing! The law states that effective drugs must be paid for by Medicare for the aged and disabled. Let us see how ridiculous we can get. Suppose a sexual predator agrees to be castrated in order to be released from prison. Since he is permanently disabled he will be eligible for Medicare. That means he will be eligible for Viagra and testosterone to reverse his condition and get back into action, at tax payer expense. Well, that can be fixed by adding another rule.
Since the Government supports family values, it would be immoral to pay for Viagra for the unmarried. Also if Granny doesn’t feel like sex, why pay for Gramps to get it. That would promote sexual abuse, which the government is against. A rule should be added rules to require Granny to approve of each Medicare financed prescription for Viagra. You need a rule to prohibit dispensing Viagra to unmarried men. (Certified gays would be exempted from this rule; you could write that into the regulations too or change the law to let them get married.) You need to hire some more government employees to administer the program and some more to audit the program. Or we could just have a big tax cut and then the government would not be able to afford all this. Then people might have enough money to buy their own Viagra.

This money will get spent.

This money will get spent. The Levitra-lobby is long-lasting and durable. :)