American Idol Final 4

This past week on American Idol the theme was songs from nashville and songs from Philadelphia. It was an interesting combination, and to no one's surprise Anthony got voted off. Though he is actually starting to sound like he might actually belong in the top 12. Nevertheless it was nice to see the best contestants move on for a change.

Carrie started the night with "Sin Wagon," and to my surprise she seems to have figured out how to emote when she performs at some point in the last week. Suddenly she's doing more than staring in the camera. She looked and sounded great with both of her songs tonight. Simon did not seem to like her second performance of "if you do not know me by now," but I was in awe that she actually looked as if she meant the words coming out of her mouth.

So finally we have a quasi-country night, and Bo picks a fairly boring song for the "nashville" part of the show. The name of the song escapes me. I simply found it disappointing. I was hoping he would blow us away with another song like the "tied to the whipping post" song he did in the semi-finals. His second performance was much better, but the lyrics made my spidey-objectivist sense tingle. The song was about how the love of money corrupted things, as did money itself. I had to remind myself that the show was not about politics and for Bo it was likely just a fun song to sing, not a statement.

Vonzell sang "how do I live without you" for the nashville song. It seemed like a good song for her but she was out of tune in a few crucial places, and the song came off as kind of boring. Her second performance was "Don't leave me this way." It was an upbeat and passionate performance that was fun to watch.

Anthony sang "i'm already there." I think I'm actually starting to like him now that I know he's going. He's reduced the awkwardness of his physical performance substantially but his facial expressions have remained more than a little goofy. His second performance of "if you don't know me by now" was actually really good. It was as good as Carrie's rendition of the song, I thought. Still, Carrie is a far better performer.

I'm beginning to wonder how this is all going to turn out. It seems like Bo and Carrie have always been the favorites, and thus Vonzell is most likely to get voted off next. However she is a strong performer, and I think if she pulls out an awesome performance in the final 3 she might have a shot of edging out Carrie or Bo. In any case the final outcome seems far from predictable at least to me and I do not actually have a favorite among the three. The next two weeks should prove to be very interesting.

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