American Idol Final 5

It was thursday before I even remembered I had tivo-ed American Idol and probably ought to watch it. Add to that that I have procrastinated on putting up the recap until Sunday, and I'm beginning to think that I may be getting tired of the show. For some reason the show this year just hasn't had quite the same appeal for me as it has in years past. During each of the past 3 seasons there was at least one person who, if they were voted off, would have made me not want to watch the show anymore. Each year that person made it at least to the top two.

This year I do not even have a particular favorite. Even Bo who I have rooted for the most, does not strike me as having the strong personal style of a Fantasia, or Clay, that made them so great to watch each week. But maybe its all in my head :dizzy: .

Scott got voted off this past week, and after that dance with my father song from the week before, I would say it was much deserved. Nevertheless he was much improved in his performance when he sang "On Broadway." He still was not, and in my opinion has never been up to caliber of most of the other contestants on the show.

Anthony is still around. I still think Anthony beat out superior contestants to even be in the top 12, and that has not changed. Though he has improved I cannot help but wonder how much better the show would be if we had Amanda Avila or Travis Tucker in his spot instead.

Carrie, Vonzell, and Bo all did great again this week. There were two themes -the first song had to be written by Leiber and Stoller , and the second had to be in this week's Billboard top 40. Anthony sang "Poison Ivey," and "Incomplete." Scott sang "On Broadway," and "Everytime you go away," by Brian Mcknight. Vonzell sang "Treat me nice," an Elvis Presley song, and "When you tell me that you love me." Bo sang "Stand by me," and "How far is heaven?" Carrie sang an Elvis song called "trouble", and "God bless the broken road" was her billboard song. Overall Bo was the best once again. Carrie sounded great but her eyes are always kind of expressionless when she sings. Vonzell looked great but her vocals were a little rough in places, and Anthony is still cheesy and awkward.

Thats about it hopefully they'll pull out a more interesting theme this week. Come on, Big band? swing? Why not?

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I agree - a big band or

I agree - a big band or swing theme night would probably wind up looking more like the Broadway night than like anything that would actually be pleasant to watch or listen to. The Broadway night was a misstep, and a pretty obvious and stupid one when you think about it - this is a POP singing competition, it's called "American IDOL" for godsakes - and making these kids try to sing big band or swing songs in the show's rather limited pop style would be just as boneheaded and painful. Maybe classic (pre-50s) pop standards, some of which arguably occupy a jazz/big-band sort of territory, but that's as far as I think the show could really go in that direction and not result in another fiasco.

...Hey, you asked "why not?"... :grin:

Personally, I think they need to do a hard rock night - THAT would get Anthony out of our hair. :evil:

HEATHEN! Thou art banish'ed


Thou art banish'ed to the Outer Darkness. Swing rules. Both the music and the dancing.

One good thing about Mordor (DC) is that it has a very lively swing scene- live music at least 3 times a week and dances going on pretty much every day now. :beatnik:

Come on, Big band? swing?

Come on, Big band? swing? Why not?

Big Band? Because, A) It's called big band for a reason: the emphasis is on the band, and B) most of the kids watching this show probably still have nightmares about Grandma turning off their cartoons so she could watch Lawrence Welk.

Swing? Because, it's fucking terrible. I'm still plotting my revenge against Setzer for trying to mount a comeback and subjecting my fleeting college years to stupid impressionable undergrad twats playing swing at keggers. Fuck swing. :furious:

Anyway, glad that Fatty McRedneck is finally gone. As for Federov, methinks that Putin has been pulling some strings. First, Bush won't openly call him on his tyrannical shit, and now, this? I smell a conspiracy. Maybe Paula's KGB.

I'd like to see this week be

I'd like to see this week be an All-Foreign-Langauge, Nursery-Rhyme Edition, in which the contestants have to sing in languages they can't understand -- a la Christina Aguilera's Spanish album, except with nursery rhymes instead of pop songs. Native tongues are, of course, disqualified. We don't need Mr. Fedorov wowing us with his perfect rendition of the Muffin Man in Russian.