Please don\'t feed the animals

Analogies only go so far, but consider this pearl of wisdom:

Please don't feed the animals.

Why do you always see signs imploring you NOT to feed the animals? Don't they care about animals? Do they want them to starve? What possible reason could they have for NOT wanting people to feed the animals?

Whatever those reasons are, tell me why they shouldn't apply to all forms of welfare: corporate, social, AND foreign aid.

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well for one, they're

well for one, they're 'animals' therefore your creating dependency and then ...ummm....welll..... sort of.... HEY !!!!:dizzy:

Human food is not animal

Human food is not animal food. So when you feed wildlife, it is unhealthy for their consumption, yet they still will grow dependent on it. This will cause them to start acting up and you may have to kill them. Now when they say "don't feed the animals" - that only pertains to wildlife, but not the typical backyard bird or squirrels. Still you have to be careful, because you may even begin to draw crowds of animals for just the one you may have fed.


1.) I guess cause they look so innocent and cute sometimes, but just like humans: beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is to the bone. And as cute or innocent as an animal may look - it wont be very cute when the long run damage comes.

2.)Nautral hard-headedness. The sign says dont feed the animals, so we have a tendency to do just the opposite of what it says just cause of that rebellious nature in us that likes to constantly prove to itself all the freedom it has in this democracized country we live in.

Spiritual connotation to this -- it's some things that we as christians are not supposed to do, and you may wonder why because everybody else is doing it - what's the harm? For example gossiping - but once you get mature, you realize there's a spirit behind that thing and it's an animal that you are not supposed to be feeding because in the long run it's going to do more damage than it does good.