A cinematic view of Stalin\'s kindness

cover of east-west (1999) from IMDBTalking with a Russian coworker about the issues we discussed here in our May Day Memorial, she says that even some people in Russia still refuse to believe what Stalin did. She also suggests that to get a more visceral taste of the horrors of his regime, see the movie East-West.

Made in 1999, it is about Russian emigres invited to return to the motherland by Stalin. It's a trap, of course, since anyone who has been experiencing life outside communism is surely a traitor or spy, so most are executed, and the others are sent to the gulags. Not a happy tale, but with a 7.2 on IMDB it will definitely be going on my Netflix queue.

She also told a typically Russian dark humour joke: it is said that in the WWII conflict between Russia and Germany, the winners were the Russian regime and the German people, and the losers were the German regime and the Russian people.

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I recommended this a couple

I recommended this a couple weeks ago on another thread.

I bought it after I saw it for the first time.

Its a great Franco-Russian film.