American Idol Final 6

This week on American Idol we lost Constantine :shock: . So I figured he would probably get voted off sometime before bo and carrie, but getting beaten out by Scott and Anthony... I didn't see that one coming. The theme (if it can be called that) this week was songs of the millenium (2000-2005).

Constantine did fine. It wasn't his best, but neither was it a bad performance, and since this is the time every year when someone cries racism... and I have yet to hear such a cry... here goes. Its cuz he's greek isn't it, greek orthodox no less... its all about race. Why else would Scott have gotten through after such a crummy performance of a terrible song over Constantine. Scott's the "heart and soul of America" after all... he he he. Just kidding. :twisted:

Anthony actually did better than usual this week. He did pretty well singing an over-the-top Celine Dion song. I still wouldn't have voted for him, but he was actually in tune with the music this week.

Bo was awesome once again singing "I don't want to be anything other." Bo singing that song was perfect. It seemed like he wrote it himself. If Bo keeps this up we might not even notice Constantine missing for the final weeks.

Carrie sang a Martina Mcbride song. It was something about "god fearing" women. She sounded good singing it, and once again left the judges confused by singing an unfamiliar genre.

Scott sang Luther Vandross's comeback song "Dance with my father," (I'm guessing on the title). I call it the comeback song because it was mysteriously released as a single nearing the end of AI season 2 when everyone was likening Reuben Studdard to Luther Vandross. Its a really boring, cheesy song that probably sounds much better sung in tune. I'm sure it looks better if performed with a little emotion. Scott did not pull off either. It was his weakest performance thus far in the season.

Vonzell sang "I turn to you," one of Christina Aguilera's "look I can be a diva too" songs. It was a good performance, just not a very enjoyable song. Though I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that liked it. Overall the show is getting a little bit boring, in part because most of the themes this year have consisted of random groupings of years.

I'd like to see a country night, or a big band era night. How about going back to when we did songs by one artist. Those actually did pretty well too. This year the closest we've gotten to that was "classic showtunes" which apparently didn't include anything from approximately 1975 to the present. I wonder if that was due to copyright concerns. I've heard that even small school productions of broadway musicals have to pay royalties to the authors. Imagine collecting royalties from a high school drama club. :dizzy:

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Constantine did fine. It

Constantine did fine. It wasn’t his best, but neither was it a bad performance...

Oh, dear GOD!!! Were you watching a different "American Idol" than the rest of us?? Constantine didn't come anywhere NEAR the high notes on that song, and I'm not sure if any of his notes were on pitch. And Simon nailed it: if he ever had a good rock voice, he sure doesn't now. Wasn't there some "R&B" or boy-band song he could have done? He sounded like SUCH a weenie trying to sing nu-metal with his 100% grit-free pipes (let alone the fact that, in order to work at all, angsty rock requires genuine emotion). It's Broadway ensemble roles or nothin' for you now, Constanktine.

He also broke this season's tradition of giving a valedictory performance that improves on the previous performance because the pressure's off - if anything, he was even worse during his final performance. He actually made me think well of Nickelback's original by comparison, which is just as great a crime as his sucking on its own. Constantine may, may have given some worthy performances previously, but he DESERVED to be voted off for what he did this past Tuesday. Not only was it bad in an absolute sense, it was a huge letdown from his previous efforts (I'll give him that: prior to this past week, he mostly achieved the cheesy, sleazy things he set out to do on that stage). Plus, he SURELY must have realized, from the first time he ever attempted the chorus, that that song was very, very wrong for his voice, and the fact that he slogged on and subjected us to it anyway shows a blind, clueless hubris that will always be the Achilles's heel of any kind of competitor.